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Introduction of Dr Mist Body Spray 75ml

Dr. Mist is a deodorant which does an excellent job of eliminating underarm and foot odour. It may also aid in the removal of toxins from mosquito and bug bites, open wounds, acne, eczema, sunburns, and other skin irritations, allowing for a faster recovery. Dr. Mist eliminates the bacteria that generates scents on the skins surface while allowing the pores to breathe properly. It is an enhanced hygiene care floating fluid spray that has been confirmed to be safe for the skin. Dr. Mist is paraben-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free, stain-free, fragrance-free, oil-free, and color-free.


  • There is no stickiness or irritation, simply a natural clean and fresh sensation.
  • No contamination on body and clothes.
  • Fragrance-free

How To Use Dr Mist Body Spray 75ml

After showering, just towel dry and spray on the underarm region, spreading evenly with your hands. Dr. Mist may also be sprayed directly on clean feet and socks, open wounds, or acne/pimples using a pad, with apparent benefits in as little as 24 hours. Its also good for mosquito and bug bites, sunburns, eczema, and other toxins-related skin irritations.

Administration Route

For external use only

How To Store Dr Mist Body Spray 75ml

Keep in dry place at room temperature

Shelf Life

3 years


Deionized Water (Treated With Floatation Technology, Sodium Chloride, Calcium, Magnesium.

Halal Status


Drug/Food Interactions

There have been no interactions reported before, but please seek medical advice if you experience any symptoms after using this product.

Warning Precautions

Keep it out of reach of children

Pregnancy Warning and Safety Label of Dr Mist Body Spray 75ml

Category A

Pregnancy Warning and Safety Description of Dr Mist Body Spray 75ml

It does not have harmful effects on both pregnant women and their babies.

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