About Us

Asia2Buy.com is an e-commerce platform created by GME Technical Services Sdn. Bhd. for Malaysian consumers. In order to achieve excellent online retail services, Asia2Buy.com is committed to providing diversified overseas products to local consumers, including products from China and other Southeast Asian countries, ranging from 3C electronics, home, leisure, beauty and toys. The goal is to be able to meet the needs of consumers of all ages. Asia2Buy has a simple page design, simple and easy-to-operate payment process to facilitate online ordering at anytimes and anywhere. In addition, Asia2buy is cooperating with the best courier company to deliver the order within the expected period as well as to ensure that the customer’s goods arrive safely at their destination.

Asia2Buy.com是GME Technical Services Sdn. Bhd. 为马来西亚消费者建立的一个电子商务平台。本着提供优质线上零售服务的理念,Asia2Buy.com致力于收罗多元化海外产品予本地消费者,其中包括中国及东南亚国家的产品。为了能够满足各种不同年龄层消费者的需求,Asia2Buy涵盖了3C电子、家用、休闲、美容、玩具等产品。Asia2Buy以简洁的页面设计、便捷的支付流程,让客户无论何时何地均可消费。此外,Asia2Buy也和领先的快递公司合作,控制送货时效,保障客户的货品在预期内安全抵达目的地。